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Your company deserves the attention of experienced, A-team professionals!

And you deserve attentive, reliable contacts. When you work with WHAM! Advertising, you’re working with an owner of the company. You’re NOT working with rookies, or the latest hire to come through the company revolving door. You get professional, experienced, friendly people who work their butts off to WIN! We understand your industry and the marketing challenges you face. We have experience with all media types and can integrate your campaign online and offline.

Why choose us? WHAM! Advertising, Marketing That Makes An Impact!

You work directly with the owners and experienced service industry marketers

Ron Strauss

Ron Strauss

  • Creative director, writer, graphic designer, internet marketing guru and digital media pioneer
  • Prinicipal in an advertising firm for over 32 years
  • Avid outdoorsmen and nature photographer
  • Harley Davidson fan and proud owner of a Road King
  • Founder and President of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association
  • Favorite quote, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Warren Buffet

Check out my certifications here.

Roxana Strauss

Roxana Strauss

  • Project Director and task master
  • Over 32 years experience in project management for communications projects
  • Corporate C.N.O. (Chief Nitpicking Officer) if it ain’t right…she’ll make it so
  • Veteran home remodeler and afficianado interior decorator, she loves beautiful products and craftsmanship
  • Wizard of cute and cuddly concepts that melt consumer hearts, it’s good stuff

What’s It Take To Become An Expert At Marketing?

Some rules say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. We’ve been working on contractor marketing for over 15 years at 40 hours per week. Let’s look at the math (based on just one person):

One year

52 weeks X 40 hours = 2080 hours

15 years experience

15 years X 2080 hours = 31,200 hours

So we can kick back and rest on our expertise?

Of course not! Just as you understand the pace of change in your industry, we’re in marketing and it is constantly evolving.  Internet marketing alone requires daily reading to stay ahead of what’s hot and what’s new with the search engines.

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