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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

The social space is a great medium to show your brand’s personality and build an organic, loyal following. Paid social allows us to select a very specific audience profile in a very targeted geographic area. A top marketing question has always been, how can I find the people that match my target profile? The answer is to reach them where they hang out. The popularity of social media, combined with vast amounts of information social platforms have on users makes it a great place to find those interested in your product or service in many cases.

Social media case study: Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

This non-profit corporation was founded to grow the sport of kayak fishing in the upper midwest. We’ve grown Facebook followers to over 4000 in a short time period. Sponsors donate cash or in-kind donations in exchange for exclusive visibility in front of the club’s loyal fans.

MNKFA posts are a mix of fun, promotion, learning content and club news. Members comment and add content. Sponsors get visibility and increased sales.

We recently started a group page where members share tips, tactics, brag pics and news about getting together to fish. It’s built friendships, made members better anglers, increased our member count and fostered a thriving community.

Happy New Year Social Post

Sample posts from the MNKFA main page and group properties. Click to enlarge.

Social Media Post 1B
Social Media Post 2B
Social Media Post 3
Social Media Post 4
Social Media Post 5
Social Media Post 6
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