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Your digital art asset library

There are more ways to get your company visible today than ever before. That’s a great thing, but it also takes more work to generate engaging content. Photos and video are easier than ever to create, but doing this in a professional, effective manner is still not easy. Your company needs to invest in professional high quality photo and video assets to use in your marketing. If you want consumers to view you as professional, you need imagery that communicates professionalism.

Thornton & Grooms Plumbing Heating & Cooling
Furnace Tech Photography

Your company photo library

Stock photos are fine in a pinch, but original photography showing techs in company uniforms and trucks represent your brand authentically. While filming TV commercial spots for Thornton & Grooms, we took still photos of the actors in between video shooting. It was a great way to leverage all the work done setting up the video shots as still photography. The photos are used in a variety of other media.

Contractor Photography
Product Photography

Product photography

The above are Musky fishing lures. The box and lure are handmade and the package includes an enamel pin. This company sponsored the kayak fishing club I belong to in exchange for visibility for their business. I created this photo image for that purpose.

The Angry Dragon Product Photography

Product photography

This is a sponsor for my kayak fishing club. We created this image to promote the product via a give away on social media.

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