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Contractor Branding

A disciplined process that results in a unique, credible, strong brand

We start with an introduction conference call, we want to get to know you!

Creating a brand is both fun and challenging. An interactive conversation allows us to understand how you feel about and see your company and what your ideas are for making a branding change. It also allows us to share our passion and processes for creating professional, authentic, and engaging branding.

We’ll ask you to do a bit of homework to help us get to know your business and prepare us all for a second call. And we’ll have homework too!

1. We’ll email you our input sheet; we’ll discuss your responses on our second call

The input sheet asks specific questions regarding your business. We encourage everyone on your branding team to complete the input form independently, then share and discuss all of your answers. We’ll discuss your input sheet responses and explain why that info is important and how it relates to the branding project.

2. Send us your core values, vision and mission statements

Your brand should support and promote your company’s values, vision and mission statement. We’ll discuss these during our second call.

3. We’ll check out your customer reviews

What do your customers say about your company? Listening to and learning from your reviews is a great way to create a strategy based on why customers chose you and appreciate the experience you provide. We’ll review and discuss them on our second call.

4. We investigate your top competitors

Differentiation is the key to standing out in your market. We look at your top competition and review their brands. We’ll discuss our findings on our second call.

We follow up the homework exercises with a second conference call to review and plan

We’ll discuss your input form responses, company values and mission statement, and customer reviews. We’ll look at what your competitors are doing. We’ll also present and discuss examples of our customers’ stories and how their new brand was created.

Migration versus a complete new brand

You may be looking to update a logo that is outdated or add a tagline. Maybe you want to change the name of the company or add an icon or character. We’ll discuss why you’re exploring a branding change and your expectations and ideas.

The scope of your project

Brand consistency creates familiarity. People buy from companies with which they’re familiar, comfortable, and confident. Your brand needs a professional and distinct look and feel that is applied consistently and repeatedly. The best way to roll out a new brand is to apply it to some of your most prominent marketing efforts. The projects listed below are a great way to develop your brand and put it to use in a proof of concept environment.

  • Logo mark
  • Tagline
  • Truck graphics
  • Uniforms
  • Brand guidelines

We’ll provide a written proposal

After our second phone conference, we’ll take your information and develop a proposal that outlines the scope of your branding project, provide a cost and timeline.

Let’s create your branding!

We consider your input to make sure to create the right branding for your company; branding you can be proud to display to your employees and customers, that shows you to be the best of the best in your area. We enjoy collaboration and being a part of your team. We look forward to working with you!

Get started now, complete the form below

We’ll contact you to arrange a time to get this process started!

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