Harness the power of low cost distribution for impressive ROI

Sending emails is certainly low cost dollar wise, however disrespecting your readers time may earn you a spam rating or increase a wave of readers opting out. Building compelling content and building your opt-in email list takes time and effort. Your engaging, informative content should be used in all appropriate social media, blogs and in your e-news program. We can help you create a content calendar, develop the content and help you publish it as part of your email program and other distribution media.

Objective of an effective email news program:

  • Stay in front of existing customers and prospects who have opted in to the program
  • Make customers aware of other services you offer
  • Present helpful, useful or entertaining information that rewards the reader
  • Create an affordable, measurable touch point
  • Create opt-in contact point for all website users and others


  • Don’t just push “salesy” messages and content
  • Consider a giveaway or offer of some sort
  • Personalization increases engagement
  • Use multiple links, create actionable “click points”
  • Be aware of and look to take advantage of “timely” events and concerns


  • Only use white list email service providers to build a reputable program
  • Compelling subject line is a must to maximize opens
  • Use email content on your blog and share via social media as appropriate
Plumber, HVAC, Electrician Email Marketing

Your e-news program should be included in your overall content marketing plan. Your content needs to reflect your professionalism. You should work with a communications professional to make the best impression on your readers. Complete the short form below and we’ll contact you to discuss your email program or call 651-639-1947.

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