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You Tube Video Marketing

Video is popular, people would rather watch a video than read content on the internet

The growth of video on the internet is exploding. At one time video production was expensive. Now our phones are capable of capturing good quality video. Video is a great way for companies to affordably explain topics in which they are experts on. Print communications combine pictures and words to convey a message. Video adds time, audio and motion components. This allows you to communicate more effectively.

We use a portable video set-up that consists of lights, a DSLR camera and some good microphones to affordably help clients produce quality video. We always take time to script what we want to do and plan so video shoots go smoothly. We test the shooting environment for lighting and sound conditions. You want to be professional…but you don’t need Hollywood quality. The goal in the majority of these videos is to present information that shows your business as expert, professional, helpful and friendly.

Explainer videos

People have problems they need help with. If you’re an expert on a topic and can solve their problem, an explainer video can be persuasive. We have a client who crafts and fits custom molded orthotics. One use for custom molded orthotics is to relieve the pain and prevent the reoccurrence of plantar fasciitis, a painful condition in a persons’ heel. We created a video of the owner explaining what plantar fasciitis is, how they treat it and how custom orthotics relieve the pain. We promote the video through a paid search campaign targeted at people searching for terms like “heel pain” and “plantar fasciitis treatments.” It keeps a steady stream of people booking appointments.

How to videos

Perfect for companies that sell products that need more than a printed instruction sheet. Actually showing someone assembling or operating your product is a powerful way to teach. These videos can serve as a way to help your support staff answer customer questions. One client of ours is a local expert snow ski shop. They specialize in custom ski boot fitting. They developed a specific sequence for how to put on ski boots. It’s helpful information that all their customers can use every time they go skiing. It helps customers enjoy the products they buy from the store and makes their time on the slopes more enjoyable. Happy customers are repeat customers.

YouTube is a social media channel, search engine and entertainment destination

We create and use videos for many things; Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, blogs and websites and television ad campaigns. YouTube is it’s own social media channel. It’s the second largest search engine at the time of this writing; many people don’t realize that. YouTube is owned by Google and on some searches, Google will feature video results based on the search query. Your videos can show and be visible on YouTube AND in Google search results. But, your videos need viewers that are interested and watch them to completion. They need to be something people watch and engage with. YouTube also facilitates a way for viewers to “like” or “subscribe” to your channel. You can allow visitors to leave comments. Your subscribers can get notifications when you publish new videos.

You should be using YouTube video marketing as part of your marketing plan, call us to get started, 651-639-1947.


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